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Alto - Now taking orders

The Alto is designed by World Champions Christian Ciech and Manfred Ruhmer. The design objective was to create an advanced intermediate glider with better overall handling then the Orbiter 2. The work focused on improving load distribution across the frame and achieving a net weight reduction (frame and sail). They realized all of this and got a better climbing glider with modest improvements is glide performance. The latter being done with redesigned wingtips and a cleaner trailing edge. The refined design also maintains ease of launch and landing associated with the Orbiter 2. The Alto is manufactured in Italy with the same quality of materials and attention to detail that is seen in Icaro2000's flagship glider, the Laminar. The Alto is a light, stable, and easy to handle glider. And while designed for the recreational pilot who wants easy handling with the best possible performance in an basic intermediate glider, the Alto excels when stacked against other gliders in this class. This glider shares all the refinements of the Icaro2000 lineup of hang gliders. It takes seeing one to fully understand the workmanship that Icaro2000 puts into all their hang gliders.

Key Features

  • Lighter and stronger frame as compared with the Orbiter 2
  • Flat setup and breakdown capable
  • New chord distrobution and wing tips supporting easier handling and lower minimum speeds.
  • Perfectly trimmed sail with Dacron 4.0 oz fabric. Also available with 4.05 oz RSQ Square, PXB05, or Technora OLD06.
  • Profiled downtubes with safe-edge backing.
  • Variable geometry (VG) integrated with cable supported tip compensation system that supports performance, handling, and stability across the VG range and varied conditions.
  • Semi-automatic nose cone supporting ease of nose cone application.


The standard sail of the Alto comprises a PX10 leading and Icaro2000's ripstop dacron mainsail. A PXB or technora sail is available as an option. Both options provide a weight savings and support better performance toward the higher end of the respective hook-in weight range. Icaro2000 recommends the PXB option over the technora for this glider. PXB fibers are more elastic then technora and Icaro2000's hang glider developers consider the PXB a more suitable laminate sail for the Alto.


The Alto implements a new crossbar and fittings crossbar center section crossbar-leading edge joint. The result is a lighter and stronger frame. Special attention was paid to the Alto's static balance, to guarantee better control of the wing during ground handling and foot launch. At the same time, the A-frame’s new position provides greater flare authority. 

Icaro2000 uses 7075 alloy manufactured by extrusion, in all of their gliders. This process provides supports the highest possible performance in terms of weight to strength ratios, and reliability.

Compensated Twist Tips

To assist with handling at higher VG settings, Icaro 2000 designed and implemented a compensated “Twist Tips” system linked to the Variable Geometry (VG) system, which ensures that the outer tips (which provide support for the two outermost battens) can move in mutually opposite directions, even when the sail is in direct contact with them. This generally occurs in VG settings from one half to full.

Other Standard Features

Other standard features include profiled safe edge downtubes, semi-automatic nosecone fairing, and choice of colors.

Optional Features

Optional features include technora sail, PXB sail, carbon fiber basetube, aluminum A-frame (low drag downtubes), and extended wingtips.