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The MastR is the Laminar, with a kingpost. This glider is manufactured in Italy with the same quality of materials and attention to detail that is seen in Icaro2000's flagship glider, the Laminar. With the optimum wing loading at best glide speeds, the MastR's glide is comparable to most topless gliders. The kingpost and associated weight reduction in concert with fewer battens than the Laminar, improves maneuverability and adds to the simplicity of landings relative to its topless sibling. This glider shares all of the refinements of the Icaro2000 lineup of hang gliders. It takes seeing one to fully understand the workmanship that Icaro2000 puts into all of their hang gliders.


The sail of the MastR has been designed to achieve perfect tension distribution across the wing. Additionally, the leading edge is not interrupted at the nose by the presence of pockets for the Mylar stiffeners which aids in optimum, uniform leading-edge tension distribution. The batten pockets on the under-surface are designed to prevent the battens from sliding out when the hang glider is exposed to a strong tail wind while waiting at the launch site.

The standard sailhas a PX10 leading edge and RSQ Polykote mainsail. RSQ Polykote was developed for maritime (sailboat) racing. The fabric is composed of a coated rectangular box double-ripstop pattern. A technora sail is available as an option. The technora option provides a weight savings and has higher elongation characteristics similar to that of the Laminar.


Icaro2000 uses 7075 alloy manufactured by extrusion, in all of their gliders. This process provides the highest possible performance in terms of weight to strength ratios and reliability. The profiled kingpost is canted slightly forward thereby reducing parasitic drag. Additionally, just two luff-lines extend from the kingpost to the trailing edge of the wing, also reducing parasitic drag.

Compensated Twist Tips

To assist with handling at higher VG settings, Icaro 2000 designed and implemented a compensated “Twist Tips” system linked to the Variable Geometry (VG) system, which ensures that the outer-tips (which provide support for the two outermost battens) can move in mutually opposite directions, even when the sail is in direct contact with them. This generally occurs in VG settings from one half to full.

Other Standard Features

Other standard features include profiled safe edge downtubes, semi-automatic nosecone fairing, choice of colors, and canted profiled kingpost.

Optional Features

Optional features include technora sail, carbon fiber basetube, aluminum A-frame (low drag downtubes), and extended wingtips.

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