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The Piuma is the (r)evolution of the successfull Icaro2000 RX2. The design philosophy behind the Piuma was to create a simple hang glider that has easy and predictable behavior, while also offering some performance. Improvements over the RX include an enhanced wing tip design with increased area, a PX10 leading edge with foam insert that is lighter than mylar but provides a clean leading edge, and new sail options. The Piuma is lighter than the RX2 for all given sizes. The Piuma is the choice for pilots who want a simple all-around glider with great handling that performs well. The glider behaves predictably at low speeds with an easier launch, straight flight and turn stability, and forgiving landing characteristics.


The standard sail comprises a PX10 leading edge with Icaro2000's dacron mainsail. A PXB or technora sail is available as an option. Laminate sails provide very little performance advantage over dacron on a single surface glider - unless flying at the top of the weight range. If a laminate sail is desired, Icaro2000 recommends the PXB option over the technora. PXB fibers are more elastic then technora and Icaro2000's hang glider developers consider the PXB a more suitable laminate sail for the Piuma.


Icaro2000 uses 7075 alloy manufactured by extrusion, inall of their gliders. This process provides supports the highestpossible performance in terms of weight to strength ratios, and reliability.

Other Standard Features

Other standard features include profiled safe edge downtubes, semi-automatic nosecone fairing, snap fit battens, and choice of available colors.

Optional Features

Optional features include technora sail, PXB sail, carbon fiber basetube, aluminum A-frame (low drag downtubes), and extended wingtips.

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